Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cap's back!

Cap's out of the bag now - the new series debuts July 13th, the week before the Captain America movie opens. Written by Ed Brubaker and illustrated by Steve; this series marks the first time Steve has worked with Ed and all signs point to a sure-fire hit!

You can see more of the pencils from the first issue on Marvel's site here.


  1. Hello,
    Just learnt you will be at Paric Comiccon in July.
    Do you already what your schedule will be? Any chance of you sketching there?
    Hope to see you there.

  2. hi there, this is the very first time i ever write in a blog... anyway i herd some rumors that is possible that you would be writting a sequel to old man logan.... is this true? please i would really love to know as it was, no doubt the best comic book i ever had the chance to read.
    best wishes!

  3. HEllo Mr. McNiven,
    I am a big fan of your work. I'd like to ask you for a favor though. I'd like to ask you for an interview opportunity. You see I'm representing, a comic hobby site in which people compete using comic books. Some people do it as a hobby and others use it as practice as aspiring pros. So I wanna set up an interview with you in which the focus is on giving advice to aspiring artists and tips on getting noticed by the industry. I understand you must be busy as an artist but I would no doubt be honored for your help in this project.

  4. Dear Mr. Mcniven:

    More "Old Man" Storylines please.

    Old Man Stark could be epic
    Old Man Cage could be hysterical
    Old Man Murdock could be Nightmarish
    Old Man Strange could be well strange---I mean mix magic with forgetfullness and Presto

    No need to stick with the universe created in Old man Logan, let you and the writers imaginations run wild with alternate futures....

    I'm picking up one of your roughs from the Old Man Logan Series of Hawkeye and am amazed out how many people found your rendering of him as wonderfully iconic as I do. I aslo wonder if you used just a touch of Georg Carlin as inspiration for his look?

    Also thanks for selling the roughs as they are affordable to those of us who can't buy the fully published pieces....Man I'm sad I missed out on the cover image of Hawkeye with the sword......

    Anyway maintain your awesomeness and please and thank you regarding the continuation of the old man series

    Please and thank you

  5. would old man Rasputin Colossus be rusty?
    would old men McCoy & wagner be blue or grey?
    would old man Bullseye be to shaky to hit the broadside of a barn?
    Would old man Batroc Ze Leaper have morphed into Batroc with ze walker?
    Would old man Banner still be the strongest?
    Would old man Sub Mariner still wear a speedo?
    What would Franklin Richards and Hope Summers be up to as adults?
    How would Old woman Emma Stone dress?
    Would old man Sabertooth have dentures?
    What abbout heros that might not age, what would a Thor or Hercules feel looking at their now aged comrades?
    Would Deadpools healing factor spare him and would his jokes be stale and out of date like an old borscht belt commedian?

    All kidding aside there is an awful lot of fun things you can do along the same lines of the brilliant defeated heroes motif you did so perfectly within the storyline and visually in old man Logan!

    Oh and please abide, always abide....

  6. Would Old Man Murdock lose his hearing?
    Would Old Man Galactus be able to find galaxy holding depends?
    Would Old Man Cage's unbreakable skin wrinkle?
    Would old man Richards become brittle?
    Would Old woman Storm only be able to create drizzles?
    Would old man taskmaster loose his reflexes?
    What would an old Leader or Victor Von Doom worry about?
    What would the Kingpin do to take control of his nursing home?
    To whom would old man rand leave his estate?
    Would any woman have the Red Skull who in his old age must be concerned with the red Skull bloodline running dry.

    Am I alone in thinking these thoughts? Hello hello? hello? is there anybody out there? just nod if you can hear me? Is there anyone at home?

  7. so what might the marvel future look like if not the Villians won scenario in old man logan?

    Earth is ruled by Skrulls, Vampires, The Shiar, robots, Ultron, the Brood, Zombies, Hippies, Planet of the Apes, The DC heroes or villians in an epic Crossover event, etc?

    One religion sweeps the world and everyone is happy but the Messiah's deep secret is......?

    Magneto reforms Pangea and tries to rule the single continent?

    Global warming leads to Atlantis VS People of the land in full scale war?

    Villian Supergroups take over nearby planets and wage galactic war on earth?

    Shortages of Water, Oil & clean air make us live like the Moleman?

    Villian terrorists now assassinate all politicians and then Villians like Doom who maintains plausible deniability take power through the political process neutralizing the heroes moral high ground?

    We revert ot an old west like vigilante society?

    Some sort of Matrix tie in?

    Evolution leads to mutations for everyone?

    That's all I have for this morning.

    I claim this blog in the name of Crabby MC & the Pinchers!

  8. Since I have claimed this blog for crustacean-kind
    I have decide to build the perfect Marvel Comic Character Texas hold em Poker game matched with the Artist for each character in my dream custom art piece-

    Steve Would Draw Old Man Hawkeye who would be a tough out on experience alone.

    Esaad Ribic Would do a Wolverine like the one reading a book full of bullet holes from his epic covers. thsi would require many beer bottles and cigar smoke swirls

    David Finch- Up with the Thing-- Love his interpretation during the Ultimates run

    Chris Bachalo- would come up with my Up with Bullseye a man you don't want to staredown in a showdown and duck when he mucks.

    Marko Would be up for my Thor- Big goblet of mead with fancy runic carvings and winged helmet and hammer required

    finally Humberto Ramos would kick in my Taskmaster- Don't know if he's ever drawn him but love the idea of tasky sitting in on the game...Would he learn to read each players moves and use them against him?

    There are probably a few more characters and artists I'd liek to sit at my table but I'll be chuffed if I can think of them now..


    Crabby "the claws who sets the laws" MC

  9. So I'm wondering if you could only watch the movies of 1 of these 3 actors for the rest of your life, whose films would you choose. Keanua Reeves, Nicholas Cage or Jim Carrey? Please defend your choice.

    Crabby "Hmm Raising Arizona or Horton Hears A Who?" MC

  10. So no offense to Hugh Jackman but don't you think the guy who played the tracker in Predator would've made a much better Wolverine? Of course he might have been a tad old for the role when it finally rolled around but still.....

    if you could take any actor from any era and make them a marvel Character who would you choose and why?

    Crabby "Talks to himself here" MC

  11. Yul Brenner as Professor Xavier?

  12. Good answer Crabby---

    makes one wonder who Magneto might have been, Sir Laurence Olivia perhaps?

  13. Peter Lorry as the Toad?

    Clark Gable as Tony Stark?

    Richard Roundtree as Luke Cage?

  14. Pam Grier as Misty Knight?

    Bogart instead of Hasselfhoof as Nick Fury?

    Errol Flynn as Hawkeye?

  15. Jim Brown as the Falcon?

    Mark Hammil (sp?) as Spiderman?

    Farrah Fawcett Majors as Ms. Marvel?

    Raquel Welch as The Scarlett Witch?

  16. Dear, Mr. McNiven
    I am a huge fan of your Drawings and I too am hoping to become a published artist one day. I really want you to see some of my work and maybe give me some tips. But what I was wondering was how I would contact you.
    P.S. I'm only thirteen.

  17. X-man-

    You seem like a sincere gerbil so I'll try to give you some help. Below are some blogs or e-mail addresses for some of your best marvel artists all publicly available information at their websites-- (Chris Bachalo)
    (David Finch) (Daniel Acuna blog is in Spanish)
    (Mike Deodato)
    (Marko & Jelena Djurdevic)

    All of them seem to be much more active in blogging and responding to questions than Mr. McNiven on this blog.

    I would love to see Mr. McNiven respond to you but unfortunately I haven't seen any indication he still uses this blog so I have sort of taken it over. You are welcome to become my sidekick or evil minion if you would like. Good luck getting somebody to help you achieve your artistic dream.


    Crabby "Ruler of McNivenlandia" MC

  18. @Crabby MC
    Thanks, ill definetly try some of these. Out of 5 im quite certain one of them must be still blogging

  19. Hey kid----

    From David Campiti Mike Deodato’s agent---

    David Campiti

    I don't know if you're aware, but as part of my job I review dozens of portfolios every week -- by Email, by snail mail, at conventions, and so on. I've also taught many, ma ny CReating comics Seminars over the past 17 or so years... many, in fact, that not only have I introduced about 300 writers, artists, inkers, letterers, colorists, and painters into the comics biz, I also wrote a book for Stan Lee based on my Seminars --

    Suggest he pick up a copy of the book. He should also go to the Show Us Your Portfolio page on our website for information, AND check out, and read it from the beginning. Many of the postings talk about mistakes other artists make trying to break in -- and he can learn from their mistakes.

    Crabby "hope that helps" MC

  20. Am I the only one here at "What's up with Crabby MC" who is wondering if Thor & Storm will battle for control of the weather in this new X-men Vs. Avengers plot. Who wins that a mutant or an asgardian. Will the thunder listen to Thor but the lightening be controlled by Storm, and if so wouldn't you want to be Storm in that equation.

    there are other places where heroes powers overlapp, luck being one of them with Longshot, Shamrock & Black Cat if I remember right, who gets the advantage if they tangle.....and who is the best flying hereo- Angel, the falcon, that french dude Le peregrine?

    Oh well yet another Crabby post in the wind

    Crabby "Posts in the wind, all I am is posts in the wind" MC

  21. So I know this will probably go unanswered but I do wonder as a comic book there any one particular drawing of yours that you are most proud of?

    Meaning if the super villain "THE ERASER" was going to wipe out everything you ever drew but you could save 1 piece, which drawing would you save?

    Crabby "The only active poster here" 54

  22. Did they really put Wolverine on the Avengers instead of the x-men in this matchup?

    That is like inducting Jerry Rice into the Pro football Hall of Fame in his Seattle Seahawks’ Jersey.

    Crabby “Come on Man” MC

  23. What is up with Steve McNiven????
    Apparently nothing at all......

    Crabby "Yes really Crabby about the lack of posts" MC

  24. Hey Gischy!

    Crabby "welcome to my liar" MC

  25. Wow, i havent been on here in a long time but it looks like theres been alot going on (CrabbyMC)

  26. Crabby likes x-man,,,x-man make little funny face after post....Crabby make x-man Friend?

    Crabby "Alone again naturally" 54

  27. NO OFFENSE HERE X-MAN but shouldn't Avengers vs X-Men be a blowout for the Avengers?

    Oh yeah you got Hope Summers and we all know how cherished that character has been for the past 50 years....and of course the atomic bomb that is the Phoenix always lurks in the shadows......but if you go with the core characters throughout the years-- how you going to beat Cap, better leader and battlefield technician than Cyclops- Iron Man Funding and inventions- and the ultimate power duo of Thor & Hulk? Cyclops? Please crushed and recycled? Wolvie, Love him but fried by repulsor rays within 5 minutes......Sub Mariner? One swipe of Mjolnir and speedo boy is done.....don't get me wrong I like both groups, but you have to work real hard to keep the Mutants from getting crushed right quick...

    Crabby "You wouldn't like me when I'm angry" MC

  28. oops meant Colossus crushed and recycled....

  29. in one of the avengers vs. x-men pictures, beast is on the avengers side.....?

  30. It is funny to see them have to balance out players that have been on both sides. Marvel hasn't found a character that they couldn't overwork for a few extra titles sold...Wolverine is on every 3rd cover it would seem and Spiderman is on the other 2.....seems to be working as they appear to be crushing DC but it does make them feel a tad bit money hungry......

    Beast was an original x-man before he even grew blue fuzzy hair... you can't possibly think of him as an avenger..Ditto Wolvie. Can't think of the top of my head what other characters have been on both rosters but those 2 are no brainers they are x-men..........

    it is like asking you who you would back in a fight between the friends you grew up with your whole life and your work friends from the job you held for the last year and a half...

    Crabby "No Contest" MC

  31. McNiven brought this new look to the Marvel Universe in Civil War, you'd think he'd be drawing atleast part of Avengers versus X-Men.

    Oh well.

    1. He's probably too busy working on his next blog post for this site to do any drawing...

      Crabby "Blue Claw" MC

  32. Hey, Mcnivens drawing the fight between Cap and Gambit.


  33. Cajun love aside-----you have to take the Iconic leader of the Avengers over the 3rd string x-men with jumbalaya stains on his purple pink shirt...just saying

    Crabby "Shell for Shields" MC

  34. Ah this board is dynamic as ever? Why not just take it down at this point......seriously this is embarrassing...

    Crabby "for realz" MC

  35. You have to draw Superman dude,your art is so awesome.

  36. i have'nt read any avengers versus x men yet, i guess im just too busy reading the captain america which apparently McNiven isnt drawing for anymore...

  37. Just received the TPB for Birthday and just starting to read it!

    Terry Allen

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