Saturday, December 5, 2009

a New York Times best-seller!

Steve and Mark Millar's Old Man Logan hardcover leapt onto the NYTimes list of best-selling comics this week, or "graphic books" as the Times likes to call them.

and the big news is all over the interwebs about Steve and mark's new project that will debut in March 2010 - Nemesis!
Read all about it here.


  1. You Steve Mcniven are a totally genious, my favorite penciller, being honest. Keep working with Millar! You are a great team!

  2. Is there a way to find out how much a commission is? I'm trying to get one for WonderCon 2010. Thanks!

  3. hello I'm a spanish artist, mi name is daniel sampere, i worked in some issues like vampirella second coming or milf magnet, I like to tell you that you are my favorite artist, I'm a really big fan of you, and from my best humility, I know I'm just a newcomer, I'll like to propose you a page change, I send you one of mine for one of you, i will be really happy and will be an honor if you are agree with this
    my email is
    and here you can see some pages: SAMPERE

    thanks! and keep surprising with your art!
    best wishes

  4. Hey Steve,

    Any change we could get you out to the 2010 Central Canada Comic Con this October in Winnipeg, MB? The fans keep asking for you!

    Send us an e-mail at


  5. Nemesis Motion Comic

  6. You have to draw Superman dude,your art is so awesome.