Thursday, September 3, 2009


Hiya, folks,

Did you know Steve is one of the nominees in Spike TV's Scream awards? Well, he is!

Steve is one of several remarkable artists nominated for "Best Comic Book Artist", the nominees are:
Tony Harris & Jim Clark, Ex Machina
Steve Mcniven, Wolverine
Eric Powell, The Goon
Frank Quietly, All-Star Superman, Batman and Robin
Ivan Reis, Green Lantern
John Romita JR., Amazing Spider-man, Kick-Ass

"Old Man Logan" was also nominated in the "Best Comic Book" category along with "Green Lantern, Hack/Slash, Kick-Ass, Thor, and The Walking Dead. There are several comic book categories at the Scream awards. Here are a couple more:

Best Comic Book Writer
Brian Michael Bendis
Joe Hill
Grant Morrison
Geoff Johns
Mark Millar
Brian K. Vaughan

Best Comic Book Movie
Dragonball Evolution
Punisher: War Zone
The Spirit
X-Men Origins: Wolverine

Voting is done by fans who submit their votes via the Spike TV website here.

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  1. congratulation!

    I've seen your pencils and they are very beautiful!